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Related article: Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2010 06:35:45 -0800 (PST)
From: dylan smith
Subject: Father, Son and FriendsIt had been six years since my divorce and almost that long since I had
been with a women, I knew a long time ago I was bi or most probably gay,
but I just didn't want to admit it myself. The marriage was a joke
anyway. I had gotten some girl pregnant when we were both 15 and I was
forced by both our parents to get married. I was 16 with a kid and working
full time and going to school. At least I was smart enough to continue to
go to school and get a college degree.So here I was 34, with a son 18. not only did I keep up my school but I
made sure I kep up my body too. I was going ot the gym every day as a teen
and am still doing so. I know I get looks from guys and have even gotten
hit on, but what was I supposed to do? Take them home, and then hope my son
did not come home to see his dad with a fat dick in his ass?That was another problem I had; my son, Trevor was his name. I loved that
kid with all my heart, and he was a great kid, but ever since he hit
puberty all I could think about was how hot he was. I mean I knew I was not
supposed to think my kid was hot, but I could not help it. This kid was
gorgeous. Now he had hit 18 last week and I gave him a huge party with all
his buds. I spent most of the party with a huge hard on. Between him and
his buddies there was more hot boy flesh that any gay man could stand,
finally I went into my room and beat off and shoot a huge load, but it did
not matter. I cleaned up and went back to the party and within 20 minutes I
was all boned again.Two friends spent the night and I thought that was cool, but knew there was
probably going to be some shit to deal with and I was right, by like 1 AM
they were still playing music too loud and I could hear their
conversations. I finally had had enough of it and got out of bed threw on
some shorts and went up to his room. I stopped outside when I started to
here the noise level go down. I was about to turn around when I heard their
conversation and was intrigued."So dude, who is the hottest guy at the party?" said one of them.Now they had am attention big time, I didn't know any of Trevors friends
were into guys, and I knew the two that had stayed over, Trent and Zach
were two supper hot guys so I just had to hear what they saidI heard the other of the two say "I think Trevor was and is the hottest at
the party"Then I heard Trev say "Well, thanks, Trent I think your pretty hot, too."I paused, oh my God!!!!! My son thanked a guy for saying he was hot and
returned the favor!!!!!!!! I thought that boy was totally straight, but
then I started to think, well he was a hot kid, and though he had taken
girls to dances and stuff I never heard him speak of girls like most guys
did, but I thought that was because he was so busy in sports and his school
work.Then I heard what had to be Zack say "Well, you know who I thought was the
hottest dude there?"And both guys at the same time said "No, who?"And then Zack says "Well don't think I am weird, but Trev, its your Dad"Then I heard Trev say " Well guys you are my best friends and I trust you
but if you say this to anyone I will beat your asses, I think my dad is
totally hot and you know we work out together and shower at the gym and
stuff and I have to think of anything I can not to get boned. He is 34 but
looks like 25 and his body is like perfect, not to mention he has a huge
dick that I would just love to service for him"All the boys laughed and I heard Zach say " Man stand in live Trev I would
fight you for it"Then I heard Trev say " Hey guys, want to watch porn and fool around, my
dick is raging hard taking about my dad"" Hell yeah" I heard both guys say and then I heard the music go off and
Trev turn on the big screen I had bought him for his birthday, the kid
deserved it he had perfect grades.I stood there not believing my ears. I mean should I go in there, should I
say something. Then on came the porn and the unmistakable moaning that goes
with it. My dick was rock russian child lolita links
hard and leaking from the convo I had heard. I
stood there for about 2 min and then I figured it was now or never and
opened up the door.You could not imagine three boys scrambling to cover themselves, but they
had all been totally naked and the TV could not be turned off fast
enough. Trev turned bright red and grabbed a pillow and placed it over his
slick looking dick and the others just looked totally embarrassed.."OH Shit dad, I'm sorry we thought you were asleep, this is not like what
it looks like"I look over and see a screen of two very hot boys kissing and starting to
pull down their pants to reveal some nice looking dicks."It just looks like some guy friends getting off to me , its normal no big
deal, Just didn't know you guys liked dudes."Trev looked really embarrassed and didn't speak"Don't worry son, I have no problem with it , in fact I have had my eye on
some guys myself"He was speechless and looked at his free little preteen lolitas two friends and I said " Hey man I am
supper horny you mind if I join you guys?" Trev kind of relaxed a bit but
still did not uncover him self, I heard the Zach say " Sure man that would
be cool"I looked at Trev and tried to console him" Look Trev we have seen each
other naked and beating off it the most natural thing, but if your
uncomfortable just let me know and I will go back ot my room"" No dad, its cool"With that I took off my shorts and started to grab my dick and look at the
video, the other guys started to do the same and Trev threw the pillow to
the side and grabbed his cock and started stroking. On the screen the guys
were kissing and stroking each other. As the film progressed the sucking
started and no one changed position. Finally I said to the guys , " Hey
that looks like a lot more fun than just stroking our dicks, anyone up for
a little oral?"Almost before I finished up the sentence Zach flopped on the bed next to me
and said "Sure" and took my substantial 8" long thick oozing cock and had
it in his mouth. We quickly made a chain with me and all the boys going at
it. I had to admit it was obvious that Zach had suck some cock, cus he was
doing a great job going around the head with his tongue and cupping my
balls in his hands. As I tossed my head back I got a good look at Trev's
cock as Trent bobbed down on it. He had one just like his daddy and Trent
was having a hard time with it. He was gagging, but my boy took his hands
and forced Trent to take more and more.We went at this for some time ignoring what was on the screen and just
having a great time. Finally after a bit I said " Ok lets switch" Trent
went over to suck Zack and they got in a 69 postion. I looked at Trev "
Well son it looks like its you and me . He did not even hesitate and took
my cock in his mouth and started sucking it like a pro, I did the same for
him and in that moment nothing else mattered. Not the other two boys, not
the tv, nothing. preteen lolly pics free We had both found each other and the chemistry was like
fireworks. I rolled on my back and he was on top of me in the 69 position
and then I started to play with his nice boy pussy. Oh my god is was so
warm. I tool his cock out of my mouth and spit a few nice mouthfuls of spit
on his ass hole and started working lolita underwear models videos
it. I could feel the moans of his mouth
as he still had my cock down his throat. Damn that felt good. I was working
my index finger in and out of his hole and he was loving it. I forgot all
about the other two boys and continued to work on his ass, then the next
finger when in. His ass hole clenched down on them like a hug and my dick
popped out of his mouth and I hear him moan " Oh god yeah dad, that is sooo
damn good" I took his dick out of my mouth and said " I love you Trev and I
want to make you feel the best you can" And I continued to work on his
ass. I knew now free lolita 6yo video
from his moans that he had lost the ability to work my cock
with his mouth and that was ok, I was finger fucking my boy and he was in
ecstasy and that was all that mattered.I decided to work in one more finger , now three fingers in his tight ass
hole, his moans started to be come more like cries, I could feel his hot
breathing on my balls.His hands grabbing my legs and I started to suck his
balls in my mouth. He was moaning crying and his whole body was tencing and
relaxing all over. Finally I hear what I was hoping he would say " Oh Dad I
need your dick in me...please!!!!!!!!! I kept working on his ass hole with
my three fingers nad he repeated it again now almost begging. " Dad
plllllllllleeeeaaaassseeeeeeeeee.I rolled him over on his back and switched so I was facing him. His eyes
were half closed and I could see them glassed over in pre orgasmic
pleasure. I could see the pre cum all over his cock and balls and I asked
him " Are you sure son, I love you and don't want to mess with you"" Oh dad, im sure please make love to me"I lifted his legs and lined up my hard dick with his hole. He reached down
and grasped it and started pushing me indies of him. His moan was more
guttural, more like an animal that I have ever heard, and I 6 12 toplist lolita felt the warmth
of his ass hole start to swallow my cock. I leaned forward and started
kissing him. preteen lolita model galleries I had kissed him free lolita 6yo video so many times in my life, but never like
this, this was a lovers kiss. I slowly pushed in my cock and he was moaning
more and more . I pulled out to just the head on my cock in him and them
pushed in slowly again. I did this over and over till the last time when he
could take it all the way down and I felt my trimmed pubes brush his smooth
ass. I held him close and started to pump in and out of him slowly. Oh my
god the feeling was amazing I was in a haze of the feeling on my 8" cock
inside him. All or a sudden I felt something on my ass hole and I open my
eyes wide and look around and see Zach's face buried into my ass cheeks. He
was spreading them apart with his hands and I felt his tongue working my
hole. That forces me to thrust deep into Trev, I heard him moan and then he
said " Oh shit dad yeah harder and deeper"I started to fuck my son, harder and deeper and Zack all the time rimming
my ass hole!!!!! As I looked up and felt Trent's head on my belly and then
knew he was sucking Trevs big one. We started moving in sync with each
other and the room filled with the moaning and body noises of four guys
entangled in hot sex.I was pumping Trev hard now, I could hear my body slam against his. Zach
did not miss a beat with his hot mouth lick and then sucking my ass hole. I
was reeling from all the pleasure I was feeling and Trev was grabbing
Trent's head and fucking his mouth and then I felt Zach's face leave my
ass. The void young teen blowjob lolitas was like nothing I could experience before. Damn I wanted
that kid to keep going but I just kept fucking my son and knowing I was
going to explode any minute. preteen lolita model galleries Then I felt Zach hug me from behind and the
warmth of his body felt awesome and I was reaching behind me to hug him
when all of a sudden he rammed his boy dick straight in my ass!!!!!!!! I
had never had a real dick In my ass before. I mean I had used a dildo for
years, but this boy was at least 7 inches and thick and the shock made me
cry out.He started to fuck me hard. Slamming into me. I could feel his pubs on my
cheeks with every thrust. It was more than I could take and I yelled out OH
FUCK IM COMING!!!!!!!I pulled out of Trev and Zach grabbed me around the chest as I shot my load
all over Trent's head and over it to Tevs chest. It was so intense and I
was shooting Zack was fucking me like a mad man!!!!!!I shot what must had
been 7 loads all over those boys and then fell next to Trev on the Bed.That did not stop Zach as he fucked me so hard I though I would taste that
cock. Then in about three min or so I hear him says "DAMN im gonna cum !!!
and he just pumped my guts full or his boy cum . He kept thrusting for at
least 10 more timed until he fell on top on me . It was not long before I
felt him pulling out and thought now I can rest in the after glow , but
then I felt another dick plunge into my ass and I looked behind me to see
Trent. He did not last but a few minutes till I knew by his thrusts he was
finishing. I could feel the boys cum coming out of me as Trent pulled out
. I felt it coming out of my ass and then on my balls and I heard the two
boys heaving sighs and breathing start to get back to normal. Then I look
over to see that Trev had never cum. I turned to my back and said " Come
here son, you need to cum"Trev came over as I spread my legs and pushed his monster into me . My
dildo was not a big as he was and free lolita 6yo video this was the biggest thing I had ever had
up my ass. I felt it stretch and felt the other boys cum lubing my ass for
my son.He leaned forward and kissed me gently and said " I love you dad"" Oh I love you too son" and we kissed and he started to pump my ass. It
felt like a telephone pool inside banned lolita model pictures me , but the pressure on my prostate from
all this fucking had gotten me hard again. He stared to pump me harder and
I moaned like a bitch, feeling his huge cock in me . I grabbed his smooth
ass and forced him as deep as he could go. I did that faster and faster,
over and over until I knew we were both about to explode. I told him "
Trev, tell me when your coming and we will do it together . He was moaning
and all he did was nod his head. I was close. I was stroking my big meat as
my son was fucking me hard and I heard his breathes get shorter and felt
his body tense and I knew he was about to cum so I grabbed my dick and
started to pump. I hear him say "NOW DAD, NOW!!! as he rammed his monster
meat into my swollen ass we started to cum together. I had one hand on my
cock as it was slinging more cum and one on his ass forcing him deeper with
his cum thrusts and heard both Trent and Zack just say DAMN!!!! As my
second orgasm lost nothing of the volume of the first and I shoot onto my
chest and face and Trev filled me to capacity in my ass. There was no room
and as he kept thrusting as he came I could felt his cum being forced out
af my ass and all over his pubes preteen lolita model galleries
and my balls till he collapsed on top of
me . I was covered with cum on my chest on my ass on my balls. And I felt
his hard cock in my ass.After a few minutes he pulled him self lolita young boys preteen off of me and said " Man, dad that
is the best sex I have ever had "Yeah Man that was hot " I heard Trent and Zack say."Well boys I think we should keep this between us. But I am willing to
repeat this with you guys anytime you want". I saidThen Trev said " Well dad that is cool, but I think you and me need some
more father son time"I reached up and gave him a deep kiss. " No problem son, any time."
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